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Phantom Egress (part 4)

“Beaver, picture between Shantini and Texaco?” Texaco was the KC-135 inflight refueler orbiting 200 miles north. Our personal gas station. “Section Bandits 3-5-0 for 100, HOT!” Hot meant they were pointed at us and closing. (Shit Ray it looks like

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Airline Captain Humor (Captain Jack)

Airline Captain…. > Captain: “You want answers?” > Chief Pilot: “I think we are entitled” > Captain: “You want answers!” > Chief Pilot: “I want the truth!” > Captain: “You can’t handle the truth!!!” “We live in > a >

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Phantom Attack (part 3)

BLUEBIRD transmitted over shot common frequency meant the Aegis Class Cruiser had entered the fight. Not good! The Aegis class was an SM-2-ER shooter, a particularly nasty Surface to Air Missile (SAM). The Spy 1 radar system could literally guide

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