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Tatoos Piercings and The Waffle House

On the last leg we let the horse run for the barn. Turning final at Austin airport; I dropped the gear and flaps, slowed to final approach speed, touched down and got on the brakes. We were on a mission:

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American Airlines buys 787 Dreamliner

American Airlines announced today that it would buy forty two Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft for eight billion dollars. The 787 represents a new technological milestone; the extensive use of light weight composite parts. As I have written previously by contrast

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Novel: Project Seven Alpha, American Airlines in Burma 1942. Now available for pre-order

My novel is now available for pre-order from Pen and Swords Books LTD. Also available is Trailblazers, a collection of stories from Test Pilots, put together by Christopher Hounsfield. I have authored a chapter in Trailblazers and I think any

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In the aviation world the term broken arrow has always been bad. During the Vietnam War it meant an American unit was in danger of being over-run. All airborne assets were diverted, to support the unit under seige. On board

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