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KillaThrill video vs. real wing failure

When I debunked the KillaThrill video (Best air race pilot ever) I missed an important point. Aircraft wings support each other and thus fail together. A wing spar in most aircraft designs run from wing to wing and give both

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NASA: RC Boeing 707 crash video

NASA put together what could be the largest RC (radio controlled) aircraft project. The test was actually for a new fuel that was supposed to be flame resistant. Obviously that part of the project was an abject failure. I worked

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A Twist to Radio Controlled Aircraft (aka: KillaThrill Video);the F-4 Phantom II (part 3)

A great videoe of typical QF-4 missions. Part 3 “Dog you have a rather large hole in the port (left) wing.” Transmitted Charlie 1. “Roger that Charlie, how’s it look?” Closing within inches the Chase pilot looked for hydraulic leaks

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A Twist to Radio Controled Aircraft (aka: KillaThrill video); the F-4 Phantom II (part 2)

Part 2. Charlie 1(the chase pilot in his own Phantom) transmits; “Good burners.” Very important, because the nose wheel steering cannot be used to guide the QF-4 on takeoff roll and neither can the foot brakes. The tires are so

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A Twist to Radio controlled Air Craft (aka: KillaThrill Video); the F-4 Phantom II.

Sub-scale, full scale: radio controlled aircraft what is the difference? A full scale RC aircraft is an actual aircraft controlled from the ground or another aircraft or even pre-programmed. By using the auto pilot already incorporated in aircraft an operator

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KillaThrill Video: Radio Control vs. Actual Aircraft

Jon asked an excellent question on the “Sorry but I have to KillaThrill” post. One question, though: Is the video totally fake, or could the various stunts be done with a good RC model and a skilled pilot? Jon Both

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KillaThrill Video and thrust to weight ratio

I was asked to explain the thrust to weight ratio reference in my “KillaThrill Video is a hoax” post. I’ll keep it simple; it is the difference in pounds of thrust (produced by a power plant) compared to pounds of

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KillaThrill Video compared to actual F-15 Video

Here is a video of the Israeli F-15 single winged landing. Obviously the actual film sequences are a recreation. For example the Pilot talks about hitting an A-4 Skyhawk, and the aircraft in the video shown is an F-100 Super

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KillaThrill Video is a Hoax

I think I figured out how they did it. First watch the original video again. A couple more things to note: 1. No fuel vapor at separation. Most aircraft wings are wet; that means they hold fuel. Even if the

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Sorry but I have to “KillaThrill”, AGAIN!

I first published this nearly a decade ago. Recently it has popped up on the internet again generating arguments on authenticity. Sorry, its still a hoax, fake, not real! There is a widely circulating youtube video showing an alleged Red

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