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KillaThrill Hoax very successful

Instead of “The best air race pilot ever!!!”; this should be titled the best video hoax ever. I keep getting the video in my inbox. It was on the American Airlines Union website where quite a few experienced professional pilots

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Aircraft Carrier Landings

Is that cool or what? My favorite aircraft, the F-4 phantom II, circa 1968. No not me, I’m not that old, I flew the Phantom in VX-30 in the mid-late 90’s. This is however my favorite clip of a carrier

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F-18 crash in San Diego

I have received a lot of questions on the crash of an F/A-18 Hornet in San Diego. First let me say that the biggest nightmare of a Tactical Aviator is dropping a jet into a neighborhood. It is something you

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Lucky or No Lucky: KillaThrill video is still a Hoax

I keep getting links to this hoax. The latest is a site that has a game show quality to it; you get to pick “lucky or no lucky”. In reference to whether the pilot makes it. It should read hoax

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Cable Snap: failure of cross deck pendant on aircraft carrier

I was surprised to find an incredibly clear example of an arresting cable failing on the USS George Washington. A F/A-18 is almost fully decelerated when the cross deck pendant parts (arresting cable breaks). It shows in detail what my

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A-6E Intruder crash and ejection

I saw a copy of this tape with a question on what went wrong. The two most likely causes are “two blocking the gear” or a cross deck pendant failure. They ultimately end up being the same result with different

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