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FEDEX Honors Their Fallen Pilots

In the Airline business it’s referred to as going west, the following has been disseminated by FEDEX. Fallen Pilots As all of you know, one of the fallen pilots was based on San Antonio. First Officer Tony Pino is a

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Project Seven Alpha; AA in Burma 1942, is now #6 and #7 on Amazon UK best seller lists

Another special thank you to my readers in the United Kingdom as my book continues to rise on the Amazon UK best seller lists for books on the War in the Pacific and Burma Theater. I hope that 7A can

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Project Seven Alpha hits the best seller lists on Amazon UK

Thank you to my United Kingdom readers! 7 Alpha has hit (as of this writing) number 13 on the Burma Theater list and number 17 on the War in the Pacific best selling list. Both categories have 100 books on

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No automation or systems based training can replace this type of flying experience

Pilots cannot and will not be replaced by technology. For those of you who are impressed by technology and point to the unmanned aerial vehicles circling over Pakistan, sorry, on the other end of a very long data link sits

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Boeing issues memo on 737 aircraft after Turkish air 1951 crash

Boeing Aircraft Corporation issued a cautionary memo after the failure of one of the five altimeters (one of two radio altimeters) on board the Turkish Air 737-800 failed. As reported in an earlier article the known failure caused the automated

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San Diego F/A-18D Hornet Crash: Update

Four Senior USMC Officers have been relieved of command and nine more have received punitive letters of reprimand. This is tantamount to an admission of major judgmental errors. The actual technical term is, relieved for cause. In the Naval Service

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Cause of Turkish Air 1951 Crash

Apparently, for the second time in a matter of weeks, a crew let an autopilot stall an aircraft causing a fatal accident. In my last article I stated that the aircraft stalled and that this week we would learn how/why

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