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Greetings from the Book Expo of America

A quick post from New York City. The BEA has cranked up again this year and a lot of exciting aviation books are out there (mine included). I have met with some great Agents and Authors and hope to push

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Freedom Isn’t Free; A Reality Remembered On Memorial Day

As a young boy I learned the lesson the hard way. My Uncle and mentor, Lieutenant Larry Menzies, was killed in an S-2F Tracker while flying for the Naval Reserves. He had just gotten off active duty, while attached to

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My Novel [Project Seven Alpha, American Airlines in Burma 1942] is back on the Amazon UK best sellers list!

In fact it has made a third category for the first time. After falling off the best sellers list 7A is back with a VENGEANCE (small shameless plug, Vengeance is the title of my second book). #28 on the Burma

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The career of the average Airline Pilot has become a bad joke

Here is an old airline joke about your probationary year at a major airline. Question: “Why don’t you ever eat a crew meal on your last leg?” Answer: “Because your family will smell food on your breath when you get

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Airline Pilot Shortage Looming

With thousands of pilots on furlough it seems counter intuitive to say a shortage is coming. However the numbers are clear, and show a steep decline in commercial pilot licenses from 1990 to 2007 (last year FAA data is available).

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F-35 Lightening II (JSF): Jack of All, or Master of None?

Is the F-35 the Holy Grail of tactical aircraft design? An aircraft that can do all missions for all services from a single platform, or is it the latest example of engineers trying to put ten pounds in a five

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