Month: August 2009

Last week I went up with one of my partners in our Beech Musketeer N1167M, it was cleansing! After dealing with publishing, union, company and day to day BS, it was nice to be able to escape, “The surly bounds”. …

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The latest edition of the Flight Journal magazine has a picture of me and two buds in old F-4 Phantoms. I opened it up and was surprised to see a blast from the past; three F-4 Phantoms from VX-30, in …

Latest edition of Flight Journal magazine has an F-4 Phantom picture from my past Read More »

Two members of the Russian precision aerobatic team, the Black Knights collided while practicing for the Moscow Airshow. Below is a video of one of the jets post impact.

It is Friday how about some fun! After dissecting the killathrill video months ago I knew instantly Mega Woosh was a hoax as well; why? Here is the Mega Woosh video:

There is nothing like flying into Mexico City to remind you of why training, experience and a well rested crew is so important.

My novel is back on the Amazon UK BSL. This time in three catagories at 11, 14 and 37 as of last night.

The Twitter of chapter 21 was a success. It put Project Seven Alpha on the Amazon Best Sellers List for Aviation at number 25. I’m looking forward to reading the reviews. You can still read it on Twitter at pilotPOV; …

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Chapter 21 of Project Seven Alpha has been twittered on @pilotPOV. I wonder if that is a first?

The chapter review contest on Twitter is underway! Follow along at follow pilotPOV. The most creative 140 character (max) review gets a hardbound copy.

Still at the rumor stage; however a reliable source has confirmed Southwest Airlines is still in the merger mode. I expect the next target to be Alaska Airlines. Alaska operates the 737 and its subsidiary, Horizon Air, operates the Q400. …

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