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PROJECT SEVEN ALPHA, AMERICAN AIRLINES IN BURMA 1942; hits# 4 (Burma), #6 (War in the Pacific) and #19 (History) on Amazon UK best sellers list

Last night my novel was off the Amazon UK best sellers lists; today its #4, #6 and #19 on various lists. I sure wish I knew how it worked! Every day is up and down, yin and yang in the

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Hero of the Hudson; Captain “Sully” Sullenberger returning to the cockpit

USAir confirms Sully is in training to return to the cockpit. A return date is not set; his last flight was the fateful USAIR 1549. On that flight he dead-sticked an A-320 airliner safely onto the Hudson River. Captain Sullenberger’s

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Remembering 9/11

I remember 9/11 very vividly. For me, it was very personal: an aircraft from my airline (American), crashed into the Pentagon, killing an old friend and squadron mate—Commander Daniel “Spike” Shanower, a great guy and a great Intel Officer. I

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PROJECT SEVEN ALPHA, AMERICAN AIRLINES IN BURMA 1942: hits #34 on Amazon Aviation Best Sellers List (USA)

Project Seven Alpha hits number 34 on Amazons Aviation Best Sellers List. Thank you to my readers, it is the highest my novel has been on the USA list.

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WWII Bomber Pilot and former POW is returning to Germany to get his wings

On July 7th, 1944 1st Lt. Bernerd Harding was leading 9 other B-24 Liberators of the 859th squadron, on a combat mission over Germany. The 25 year old flight leader crossed the target framed by flak, dropped his bombs and

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Another flight school grounded; Langa Air out of business

After my cleansing flight last week, Joe and I chatted about the demise of flight schools at our local patch. He pointed out where Thunder Air used to be, and noted a new flight school was there. Langa Air’s aircraft

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DC-3, the quintessential airliner!

Douglass Corporation model 3 is the quintessential airliner and not just for the 1930’s and 1940’s, it remains one of the most recognizable aircraft today. The DC-3 was the first reliable and economically feasible aircraft the airlines flew. It ushered

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