Month: October 2009

WWII Bomber Pilot, First Lieutenant Bernard Harding, returned to Germany to find his pilot wings.

I was standing at the counter for gate 11 in the Atlanta airport when a tall, strapping man in his late fifties approached me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see he was holding a large bible.

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I ran across an interesting review of my novel last night.  I say interesting because it was quite obvious the reviewer was not happy having been assigned my book and in spite of this, it is apparent he liked it.

Its Friday–let’s have some fun! The new movie trailer for 2012 is action packed! Check it out. Having done Aviation/Military Tech advising on five major motion pictures (Pearl Harbor, Behind Enemy Lines, xXx, Day After Tomorrow and Stealth) and some …

2012: a fantastic movie trailer! Real end of the world stuff! Read More »

As of this posting, Captain Sully and his First Officer, Jeff Skiles, are in the air on the same flight as the one that ended up in the Hudson River.