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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

On Friday an F4 tornado smashed through the Saint Louis International Airport closing it to all traffic. Terminal C was virtually destroyed. I was on the second day of a three day trip. We heard the news when we landed

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e-publishing experiment picking up steam

As past posts noted; I decided to try my hand at e-publishing for VENGEANCE, my second novel. So far it has been a success! After only 3 months, I have sold 20% of the total books moved by my traditionally

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Phantom Attack

“Bloodhound 101, LA Center, switch Beaver control 354.5” “Flight go.” I dialed the manual frequency in the UHF radio. “Beaver Control, Bloodhound 101 flight of four Phantoms checking in for your control.” “Roger Bloodhound, squak 1001, have your section leader

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80% Discount; VENGEANCE is yours for $1.98

I’m running a special until Monday 11 April 2011; 80% off my e-book. Enter the coupon code EQ69F on Smashword and Vengeance is yours for $1.98; give it a read!

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Smashwords Premium Status

Vengeance at Midway and Guadalcanal is now available in the following formats. By getting premium status on Smashword my novel is now listed and available on just about every e-reader available. Click on Smashword or any of the others and

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The Society of Authors

I was welcomed into The Society of Authors today. I must admit it was a strange feeling for a boy from Missouri to be accepted into such a bastion of British writing. Tennyson, Shaw, Wells and so many more were

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