2012: a fantastic movie trailer! Real end of the world stuff!

Its Friday–let’s have some fun! The new movie trailer for 2012 is action packed! Check it out.

Having done Aviation/Military Tech advising on five major motion pictures (Pearl Harbor, Behind Enemy Lines, xXx, Day After Tomorrow and Stealth) and some TV, I have to give a golf clap in appreciation. It is a lot of fun. Believable from an Aviator’s point of view? Pretty much.

I’d key more on the ground coming up to the aircraft then vice-versa; toward the end they do. The reference to rotation speed (85 knots) an above-average detail. The aircraft has to descend, due to not having enough airspeed to climb; I would have made that clear. A panicked line, “We are too slow to climb!” would have done it. Splitting the tumbling towers: nice. Personally, I would have rolled the aircraft all the way on the wing in a knife edge pass. Overall, I give it a thumbs’ up for action and a pass for believability.

It is Hollywood through and through. Have fun and watch it again.

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3 comments on “2012: a fantastic movie trailer! Real end of the world stuff!
  1. lavonne says:

    Yes, a LOT of fun. But I’m surprised you think it’s believable. I really thought the air currents would be churned up by the earthquakes, and would suck that plane right into the hole. Well, that’s what makes for edge-of-your seat movie-watching. I can hardly wait for the movie.

  2. Chip says:

    It depends how much air is being displaced and what its doing. Pushing or pulling. When ever we cross mountains we get mountain wave, it is caused by the air mass flowing over the range. The auto pilot can work pretty hard to maintain altitude. Winds can be up to 200 miles per hour up there.

    There certainly would be some “pulling” effect from the earth dropping away but I suspect it wouldn’t be that strong. A Cessna 310 (the aircraft in the trailer) IMO would power right out of it.

    They could have used it as a reason they went down tho! I don’t think the scissoring buildings would have moved much air, and it would have been in the face anyway.

    Now all the debris falling? That would have been another story, fortunately it seemed to stop as they wisked through!

  3. Chip says:

    One more thought; for the wind to really effect, slam an aircraft to the ground it has to be very concentrated. A micro-burst can take an airliner and slam it on the ground. However it is a very concentrated phenomenon and you beat it by pulling up into the down rushing air. In effect using the energy of the micro-burst to power you away from the ground. Always point into the wind! Remember in a really strong wind you can fly backwards.