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Emergency: aircraft out of fuel.

Flying up from Palm Beach to Chicago today I heard some chatter on guard frequency. Guard is frequency 121.5 on VHF, all aircraft monitor it while in flight. Over the years I have heard various emergencies; engine failures etc. Today

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Still time to receive a great gift by Christmas

Project 7 Alpha and Vengeance can be delivered in seconds.

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Great Gifts for the Holidays!

Books are great gifts that can last a life time, whether on kindle or the shelf. If the man or woman in your life would like an adventurous Trilogy of Aviation Based Novels set in WWII, give one or all

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Push Button Flying

I’m always amused when people talk about how modern flying is just pushing buttons. They’ve obviously never been in a cockpit in South America…or New York…or San Diego. I could list many more.

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7 December, 1941: Pearl Harbor Attack

A day that still lives in infamy. America changed forever that day seventy one years ago. A generation fought all over the world to preserve freedom at home. I’ve tried to capture bits of it in my writing. Today’s generation

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Flying into Mexico City

In my first book, Project Seven Alpha, I write about the challenges of flying into Mexico City. It is only fitting that after being off for a while I spend my first night in the city I write about. If

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