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USS Utah, WWII Memorial at Pearl Harbor

In my books about WWII I’ve tried to write about smaller units and out of the way battles. Those that were just as important and horrific, but got little press or historic attention: The Hump, Aleutian Campaign, Escort Carriers, Cargo

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WWII’s USS Arizona Memorial accepts more of her crew

  After hours at the USS Arizona Memorial,  crew members that survived the sinking,  join their former ship mates. A reminder of the cost paid all those years ago.

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White Flags over the Brooklyn Bridge

  White American Flags fly over New York City. The symbology is so obvious; the operation, professional, clean and executed perfectly. The location; where it all started (for most Americans). A terrorist flag? A Russian flag? No; an American Flag

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  The Boeing 787 is an impressive machine. This airshow prep shows the performance of the aircraft, obviously light loaded. Still it looks fun! leland  

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APOLLO 11; the first man on the moon was a Naval Aviator

It’s been 45 years; but I still vividly remember watching Apollo 11 land on the moon as a little boy. My family watched on a small black and white TV. When Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surface I didn’t know he

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MH17 Shoot Down

Malaysian Air Flight 17 was shot down over Ukrainian airspace by a Russian SA-11 (Buk) surface to air missile yesterday; ironically on the 18th anniversary of TWA-800 exploding off of Long Island. Unlike MH370, which disappeared over the ocean, the

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New Site!

After a lot of great input and hard work, (thanks Kate Logan Newbill) my site is updated! It has been renamed I hope it will be easier for my readers to find. It will still have my books and blog, we just wanted

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