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F-4 Phantom Launching an AQM-37D super-sonic target

QF-4N Phantom II launching and AQM-37D. A mainstay mission of VX-30. This was a sub-sonic launch, normally we did super-sonic. I checked my log book when I saw the date, I was sure I was either the shooter or the

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The Grumman J2F Duck!

Nice Takeoff Nice Takeoff Posted by Pilots Hub on Thursday, May 31, 2018 The Grumman J2F Duck plays a pivotal roll in VENGEANCE at Midway and Guadalcanal, the second book in my Aviator Series. It is a fantastic aircraft. Its

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Sorry but I have to “KillaThrill”, AGAIN!

I first published this nearly a decade ago. Recently it has popped up on the internet again generating arguments on authenticity. Sorry, its still a hoax, fake, not real! There is a widely circulating youtube video showing an alleged Red

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JFK was a PILOT!

It’s true! Researchers have discovered that President John F. Kennedy was indeed a trained pilot. JFK was one of my boyhood heroes, I should have known he was a pilot too. He trained at my Alma mater, Embry Riddle University,

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