Aircraft Carrier Landings; in my old squadron VT-21

Angle of Attack – Excerpt 1 from Thomas Lennon Films on Vimeo.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. In my book Vengeance, I write about students going to “the boat” for the first time. Watching this video not only reminds me of that, but my own experience as a student and Instructor Pilot and Landing Signal Officer. Seeing the same Red Hawk squadron patch that I wore.

VT 21 patch

And the ship number of the USS Nimitz in the background (CVN-68) takes me back to the days when I was out there waving (controling as LSO) with Drago, Roper, Hammer, Monkeybutt and the boyz.


The aircraft have changed, from the TA-4J Skyhawk:

VT 21 division

To the T-45 Goshawk:

t 45

But not the kids, or the ships and certainly not the Navy. I went on to do a lot of incredible things in the Navy; I was very fortunate to be in the right places at the right time. Even so, it is my days in VT-21 I miss the most.


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2 comments on “Aircraft Carrier Landings; in my old squadron VT-21
  1. George Wolf says:

    Enjoyed watching the film. I was Maintenance Chief for VT 21 most of the time from Feb 71 to Jun Jun 73 when we flew the TA4J over 65000 accident free hours. In the beginning I was QA Chief. Was AVCM at the time. First tour at Kingsville was 1959-63 at AIMD. Last tour was my twilight tour 1975-1977 as Command Master Chief of COMTRAWING Two enjoyed them all as I was a part of Kingsville history having driven some AT’s that worked for me at Cabaniss Field in 1951 tor start running the rattlesnakes out to reopen. I am at this writing nearing 87 and wish I was back on the flight line.

    • Leland Shanle says:

      I loved the TA-4J Skyhawk. I flew over 1100 hours in it. Most fun plane to fly in the Navy!

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