AMAZON Ads continue to CENSOR my cover

Code Name: Infamy is available for pre-order now.

Code Name: Infamy is available for pre-order now.

After emails with four contacts at Amazon (Kindle Ads) I thought I could square away the problem. I explained that my books are historically framed and that the Swastika is on thousands of book covers set in WW2. In fact I got my Bookbub email today and the featured book of the day is about the Gestapo…you guessed it had a Swastika on the cover.

At first I thought, “so what”. Unfortunately it has drastically affected my sales and reach. I have been an ardent supporter of Amazon’s Kindle ebooks for many years. My novels are all available on Amazon Kindle, three of the four exclusively on Kindle Prime. I have used the various promotional campaigns available with great success.

CODE NAME: Infamy, I think, is my best effort to date. My Hybrid Publisher/Editor obviously agreed to the point she asked to traditionally publish it at Blank Slate Press of the Amphorae Publishing Group.

What is the end result of being censored? Simple, less people see it and as any author knows it is all about marketing. CODE NAME: Infamy is currently in a Kindle Count Down Deal promotion. I have used it with great success in the past accompanied by ads. This time it has had virtually no effect on sales, that is the endgame of censorship, pun intended.

My options? Change the cover as Amazon so “nicely” suggested, or let the book die on the vine.


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