In-flight refueling is a skill that young aviators have to develop in the modern jet age. Jet engines consume a much larger amount of fuel. To be able to complete their missions, they often need to refuel. Bombers have much larger capacity and with refueling can strike virtually anywhere in the world from the USA.

In the video you will see two types of in-flight refueling: The Navy (NATO) Way and The US Air Force Way. As a former Naval Aviator I’m slanted to the Navy way as the most operationally effective, even though it is obviously harder. The biggest advantage to the Navy drogue and basket is that you can re-fuel a lot more aircraft. While flying missions over Iraq in the mid 90s, we routinely fueled from a French tanker. It had three hoses/baskets, thus three aircraft could in-flight refuel at a time. Granted, when you were the middle man, it was a tad tight and you had to be precise with a fighter a few feet off each wing and a tanker a few feet off your nose. The other way to multiply hoses in the air is through the use of buddy stores.

A buddy store is a hose and reel contained in what looks like a normal drop tank. The fighter/tanker then passes fuel to a striking fighter and either hits a big tanker after passing gas, or traps back on board the ship. A “Yoyo” tanker does just that. The fighter tanker will be first off the carrier, transfer all its fuel to strikers and then be the last to recover on the cycle that is landing. Usually about a 20 minute flight.

As the video shows it ain’t easy! Even if you get in the basket, if your closure rate is too fast…the basket will whip and tear off your probe or snap off the hose. It truly sucks being in a low fuel fighter, awaiting your turn, and watching your wingman “sour” the tanker. And just getting in is only half the battle; as fuel is transferred the center of gravity of the receiving aircraft changes and the weight increases. That can cause PIO (pilot induced oscillation), the results can be quite a ride!

My Aviator Book Series is moving into the jet age. My characters are taking to the skies over war torn Korea, Viet Nam is in outline form as I finish up on COLD WAR, HOT. My readers will soon be in the cockpit re-fueling on a night cycle before “going down town” over Hanoi, strap in with them!


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This is a good video of some non-standard carrier landings. A C-130 Hercules, night trap, Harrier without a nose gear and more. Take note of the F/A-18 night trap, he landed right of center-line, had that been an EA-6B Prowler or E-2 Hawkeye the right wing would have taken out the noses of parked aircraft. There is even some WW2 traps that could be right out of one of my books in the Aviator Series.


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Speed is indeed relative. Mach 2.0 at 35,000 feet is numbers on a dial, Mach 1.1 at 100 feet is an entirely different experience. Take a ride! If you liked it, try one of my books in The Aviator Series, I’ll put you there.


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This is a great video; the FA-18 Hornet.

I recognize many of the low levels and areas they are having fun in. I try to capture this type of flying in my Aviator Series: Project 7 Alpha, Vengeance, ENDGAME and Code Name- Infamy. My latest novel, Hemingway’s Suitcase, is with the Editor! While it is a stand alone novel and not part of the Aviator Series, I’m hard at work on COLD WAR, HOT. The latest in the series is action packed! It picks up just after WWII; Berlin Airlift, Korean War and the espionage swirling around both. Look for it this fall.


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Hemingway’s Suitcase, my next novel, is going to the Editor! I’ve always been a big fan of Ernest Hemingway and his writing. He went through life in zone-5 after-burner. His life story reads like an adventure novel: warrior, spy, adventurer, big game hunter, deep sea fisherman and trans-formative writer. He lived life on the edge, and despite his tragic end, he had a lot of fun on the way.

A few months ago, I was searching the intra-weebs, I should have been working on book #5, of my Aviator Series, but was screwing-off. I was reading about Hemingway for a little motivation and happened across an article about his early work being stolen. His first wife placed all his manuscripts, and the carbon copies, in a suitcase to bring to him in Switzerland. they were to be reviewed for publishing. The suitcase and all the manuscripts, were stolen from the train.

Its been almost 100 years, and it is still lost. The seed was planted and the next thing I knew, I had a completed rough for a novel. In the novel is a curse, it follows Hemingway and his Suitcase through time. And what a time it was!

Hemingway’s Suitcase is a cross-genre’ work; Historical Fiction, with a trip into Horror Fiction. In it, I share Hemingway’s incredible life, flaws and all, as well as invite readers to his work. A Hemingway enthusiast might recognize the chapter titles;)

So, it is off to the Editor! But don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the Aviator Series. COLD WAR HOT is heating up! I will be releasing it at the end of the summer. I really like it thus far, I think you will too. It follows: American Airlines Secret War in China- Project Seven Alpha, Vengeance at Midway and Guadalcanal, ENDGAME in the Pacific and CODE NAME- Infamy. You will catch up with Kid, Irish, Spike and some new characters as well.


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It’s Wednesday and another free ebook! Two are still free:VENGEANCE and ENDGAME, add CODE NAME: Infamy, to the FREE list!

I hope you will enjoy the ebooks.


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It’s Tuesday and another free ebook! Two now. Vengeance At Midway and Guadalcanal, was yesterday but I’m leaving it free today too. ENDGAME in the Pacific is being added today and Wednesday will get you my latest, CODE NAME: Infamy, also FREE!



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FREE Vengeance today! I’m running a special deal for cyber-Monday…and declaring a cyber-Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday’s give away ebook is Vengeance At Midway and Guadalcanal, Tuesday’s is ENDGAME in the Pacific and Wednesday will get you my latest, CODE NAME: Infamy, also FREE!

I’m working away on two books concurrently. I hope to have my next out in the spring and book 5 in the Aviator Series: Cold War Hot out this summer in time for Oshkosh.


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I’m headed to Oshkosh on Sunday, I will be participating in the AIRVENTURE 2017 Authors Corner. All week I will be signing: Project Seven Alpha, Vengeance at Midway and Guadalcanal, ENDGAME in the Pacific and CODE NAME: Infamy. I hope to see many of you there!


Ok, I admit it; I’ve been amused and perhaps have experienced a bit of schadenfreude. As one of my UAL buds pointed out last night, I was enjoying: The First Law of Naval Aviation Thermodynamics- “when the heat is on someone else…it’s off you!” The reality is, the airport police have to deal with idiots like the good Doctor everyday, in every airport in America. If you actually listen to the video you can hear passengers thanking them even after the “drag out”.

And the way the top management handled the PR? Well…there have been quite a few bankruptcies.

But I digress. Read the article below for a realistic view, and I’d point out the most pertinent part in our “it’s all about me” world. The crew was dead heading to work another flight. Which means if they didn’t go, an entire plane load of passengers would have been stranded.

PS: the other 3 passengers apparently got off with out a fight, AND I’d point out the good doctor has a very dubious past, with a long history of bad decisions. I suspect he saw a way to make a buck and that’s why he ran back on the jet.

I Know You’re Mad at United but… (Thoughts from a Pilot Wife About Flight 3411)

I’ve been getting a lot of feed back on FB…but over-booking is done every day, by every airline. Yea the heats on UAL, snicker, snicker; but it could be any airline.

The joys of modern air travel.


PS: Its going to get much worse as the pilot shortage becomes acute.

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