Are Boeing’s problems systemic of America’s?

The B-787 is a great design; maybe they need to put the designers back in charge instead of bean counters.

Above is the last sentence of an article I wrote a few days ago about Boeing’s problems. After reading a fantastic article on that very subject, I came to the realization that what ails Boeing ails America.

Dreamers and Do’ers have been pushed aside for “best in class bean counters” that are capable of neither. Metrics and synergies have become the product. I remember years ago being debriefed in the Navy on an Officers Fitness Report, by the worst leader and pilot I had ever seen rise to command level. His quote:

“Chip do you know what your problem is? (rhetorical) Your problem is you are results oriented. It is the process that matters, not the result.”

Wow! Needless to say I was more than a bit taken a-back. Unfortunately, his type now runs America. Bean counters and bureaucrats that measure: politically correct programs, costs, time, and man hours. Men and women devoid of leadership that may know costs and metrics, but know absolutely nothing about value. They don’t know the value of people or experience, let alone more esoteric qualities like esprit’ de corps or dreams. Increasingly, they don’t even have experience with the product of the company they head. “Outsource to the lowest bidder; experience and personnel are nothing but costs.”

Their only loyalty and motivation is to self; bonuses and rising in the bureaucracy their myopic dream.

Give Clive Irving’s article in the Daily Beast a read; and then put it into context at your company, your town, state and country. I think you will see the parallel; it is glaring!


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