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After emails with four contacts at Amazon (Kindle Ads) I thought I could square away the problem. I explained that my books are historically framed and that the Swastika is on thousands of book covers set in WW2. In fact …

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I don’t know if I should be horrified or proud that my novel CODE NAME: Infamy has been censored by Amazon for not being PC. I will admit to being shocked; it is hardly a controversial book. It is my …

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CODE NAME: INFAMY has been published in ebook and soft-cover! I hope you like it. leland

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The other day I announced the CODE NAME: INFAMY Contest .   The launch contest of CODE NAME: Infamy closes out in less than a month. Get registered now and you have a very good chance of getting a ride in …

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The Acadamy Award winning Composer James Horner was tragically killed in a small aircraft accident yesterday. James had graciously let the Broken Wing Team fly his SF-260TP Turbo-Marchetti in the Discovery Curiosity Series Plane Crash Documentary. It was instrumental to …

James Horner, Film Composer, Flies West Read More »

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F/A-18C Super Sonic at 100 feet, a great video. It happens fast, you can see the shock wave as a ball of vapor as the Hornet flashes by. Let’s take a closer look. In this picture you can see the …

Super Sonic Flow and the Modern Airliner Read More »

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The Amazon count down deal is on for Vengeance and Endgame, get a deeply discounted copy now. leland

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New-hires are among us. Not since before 9/11/2001 have I seen so many bright, shiny faces and new uniforms. As airline employees, we all love to fly, but the beaming smiles of new-hires are unmistakable. It has been a long …

Old Friends and New-hires ( #BIF guest post from my friend Mark Berry) Read More »

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Sliding the throttles outboard, I eased them further forward into the afterburner range. I heard the boom as they lit and began to stage, a quick glance at the burner can gauge showed the exhaust nozzles opening all the way, …

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As an airline pilot you have interactions with passengers daily, some “memorable” for sure. Most passengers are courteous, even when things go bad. I’ve found the more experience a passenger has, businessmen for example, the more patience they have for …

Dealing with passengers, in a fighter Read More »

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