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Sorry but I have to “KillaThrill”, AGAIN!

I first published this nearly a decade ago. Recently it has popped up on the internet again generating arguments on authenticity. Sorry, its still a hoax, fake, not real! There is a widely circulating youtube video showing an alleged Red

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Vertical Takeoffs!

Thrust to weight! Whether an F-15 in full burner or a light loaded airliner at full power, it is the thrust to weight ratio that dictates a shit hot vertical takeoff or lumbering the length of the runway clawing into

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Unusual Carrier Landings

This is a good video of some non-standard carrier landings. A C-130 Hercules, night trap, Harrier without a nose gear and more. Take note of the F/A-18 night trap, he landed right of center-line, had that been an EA-6B Prowler

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Parts from MH 370 found

Part of a 777 wing have washed up on the island of La Reunion off the coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. The are is very close to the African eastern shore. Serial numbers verify it is a flaperon

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I will be presenting at the EAA’s Oshkosh Airventure 2015, on Friday 24 July

I will be a presenter at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s (EAA) Airventure 2015 in Oshkosh this week (14:30, 24 JUL Forum Stage 7). Oshkosh is the greatest airshow in the world! If you like- warbirds, antique aircraft, classics, modern, ultralights:

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MH17 Shoot Down

Malaysian Air Flight 17 was shot down over Ukrainian airspace by a Russian SA-11 (Buk) surface to air missile yesterday; ironically on the 18th anniversary of TWA-800 exploding off of Long Island. Unlike MH370, which disappeared over the ocean, the

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It is starting to appear Malaysian Flight 370 was commandeered.

It just keeps getting stranger. When I listed the possibilities in my last article, I had assumed that: A. all the electrical devices failed simultaneously and B. the Malaysians denial the aircraft continued to fly were accurate; apparently not on

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Where is Malaysian Airlines Flight 370? The most likely spot.

To say the speculation has gotten wild, is an understatement. Cell phone conspiracies, satellite pictures, gold smuggling, pilot suicide, raw radar tracking, etc.; I suppose all are possible. I do feel they are improbable. The latest is a Wall Street

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Malaysian Flight 370; update

There is a lot of speculation in the press, most of it wild. Terms like “unprecedented mystery” are being published with abandon. Actually it is not unprecedented, it took 5 days to find Air France 447 and a B-727 disappeared

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Missing Malaysian Airlines 777 Had Past Wing Damage

In a picture of the 777 wing damage shown in a MAIL Online article the tail number 9M-MRO can just be made out. It is the same number as the missing and presumed lost Malaysian Airlines 777-200ER. No doubt the

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