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Do you still love to fly?

I’m often asked: do you still love to fly? It is a good question, and not easy to answer. Why? After 13,000 hours of flying it can, and for many becomes a dreaded chore, just a job. Especially with the

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APOLLO 11; the first man on the moon was a Naval Aviator

It’s been 45 years; but I still vividly remember watching Apollo 11 land on the moon as a little boy. My family watched on a small black and white TV. When Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surface I didn’t know he

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Cutting Edge: Paris to Sydney in 4 hours; Skylon’s SABRE Engine

This is a break through development in propulsion technology that could revolutionize air travel. The military applications are incredible as well. I would love to do the first test flight! Leland Shanle

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And now something cutting edge: Virgin Galactic’s Third Powered Flight

As my books show (Project 7 Alpha, Vengeance and ENDGAME)I love historic aircraft. As a test pilot I also love the cutting edge of technology. Here is a clip of the most recent.

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