The cost of books “Is Too Damn High!” and to make it worse “They Are Too Damn Boring”.

To coin a phrase of my personal favorite politician. OK, I modified it a tad, but the spirit remains. In this New Year I have decided to move in a different direction. Having been published twice in the traditional format and once via the new print on demand format; I should be comfortable with the system. I should be content to be nestled safely in the stable of a traditional publishing house.

The truth is: I’m not! I feel constrained and I chafe at the loss of control of my Intellectual Property. But mostly I feel like I’m stuck in the past, bogged down in a broken business model that is one part over priced and two parts boring. As an Aviator, I especially take offense to the later.

I have been consumed this year with producing a mainstream TV documentary. Currently we are at a break point, waiting more for weather than anything else. As you have probably guessed, it does involve aviation. It has been a long 24/7 road; but the end is in sight.

I was sitting in a New York City Irish Pub on New Year’s Eve; enjoying a good steak and cold beverage, of a frothy nature. I was contemplating my novels and their future, when I had an epiphany of sorts, as I surfed the Net with my magic device. The answer was in my hand; the answer was to look forward not back.

I have decided to release my next novel via IT. But not just an electronic version of a paper book that does no more than move from cassette tape to DVD; I will introduce an interactive medium. I want to take advantage of what this marvelous technology can do. If I write about an F-4 landing on an aircraft carrier, you will be able to click on a link that shows it.


The challenge will be to keep from getting bogged down in new technology; to make it too hard or cumbersome. As in flying, less is more. I will do my best; no matter what develops I promise it will not be boring.

The second challenge as the title also points out is cost: “It’s too damn high!” Times are tough; spending north of $25 bucks for a book you may not like is a risk. Granted not like landing on the moon, but we all work hard and don’t want to waste what we have. My solution is to make my books available for .25 cents a chapter; Two Bits. Which by the way, is the name of my new Publisher; Two Bits Publishing. I will make my novels available on kindle, Iphone, any format out there. However, my main thrust will be here on where I can control the entire program. And you as the reader can buy a chapter for two-bits and try it out. If you like it buy another!

My challenge will be to keep your interest. To keep you coming back for more, I will give it my best shot! Look for my latest Novel: Vengeance at Midway and Guadalcanal, in March of 2011. I promise it will keep you riveted. And if it doesn’t grab you….well you are only out Two-Bits.


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