E-2 Hawkeye lands on air craft carrier at dusk

Great video of an E-2C or D landing on an aircraft carrier, officially at night. This is one of the best I’ve seen for anyone who wants to know what the experience is like. The E-2 is a twin engine turbo-prop aircraft and a bit slower than Fighter or Attack jets. That helps you get a front seat view of the approach with internal communication (pilot to pilot) and from the ship.

At the top of the video is the ships view from the PLAT camera, located in the deck, on centerline of the landing area. Every space (room) on the ship has a PLAT TV in it. Your name as the pilot is also provided…everyone knows if you bolter (miss wires) who it was. That causes all hands to work longer. I personally found that pressure much higher than fear of busting ass. If you watch to the end, you can hear the Naval Aviators joking about it being a “night trap”. Even though it is dusk and there is a great horizon, officially it counts as night and is highly sought after to maintain your night qual.

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Next post will be a zero visibility approach at night in a single seat F/A-18 Hornet.


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