Electronic Publishing Experiment (1 year later); a Great Success!

It has been a great year for sales of my second novel Vengeance at Midway and Guadalcanal; closing in on 1,400 copies sold. I am told for an Independent publication that is a very strong sales record. A year ago I decided to pursue an Independent route for my second novel. I knew it was a gamble to leave an established house like Pen and Sword Books LTD. In my post at the time I stated that I felt e-publishing was the future; so I decided to push the envelope.

Test Pilots measure data points: we seek the absolute, the coveted, “one for one” correlation. This experiment has drawn an undeniable conclusion; for Vengeance, electronic publishing has been a success. The data confirms it; a 100-1 ratio, paper to electronic. To be up front with the data, it is a bit skewed due to the soft cover version of Vengeance being released mid-year. However, sales (both electronic and paper) took off in the second half after the Oshkosh Air Show, so I’m still very confident in the overall finding.

In fact, more good news! I’m teaming up with Pen and Sword again for the release of Project Seven Alpha, American Airlines in Burma 1942 in electronic format. I have delayed release of book #3 in the series (End Game in the Pacific) to get 7A out there.

I’m very excited about the electronic release of 7A, because there has been a bit of confusion resulting from my move to Independence. Indeed, it is clearly documented in reviews of Vengeance: “A great aviation book. But reads as if it was the middle installment…” Which of course, is exactly what Vengeance is; the middle book of a trilogy set in WWII. I sincerely apologize for any confusion caused to my readers. I saw this coming when sales of Vengeance began soar past 7A. The only clear solution I saw, was to get 7A into the format my readers want. After months of negotiation it will soon come to fruition.

The plan is to get 7A e-published this month, with the final book of the WWII trilogy released late spring or early summer. But don’t worry if you have a liking for characters like Irish and Spike. They will be back on a real scorcher next year: Nazis, nukes and submarines; what could possibly go wrong?

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