Fantastic Friday!

I took a break from marketing my latest novel Vengeance today. I cruised up to the airport to renew my CFI/II (Certified Flight Instructor/Instrument) license. As I’ve written before; I keep it for my kids mostly. I turned on the stereo of my wife Laura’s car; I had it because it needs maintenance, the tunes started to belt out immediately. I recognized the songs; although the tunes are normally filtered through the first floor of my house (visible in the pic). La Bella Charade was jamming as I sped up I-170, the catchy tunes put me in a good mood and I thought about going flying instead. But, then I remembered my trusty steed is in maintenance and continued for the FSDO.

An hour or so later I was rockin’ my way back home with a freshly renewed CFI/II. The bass player in LBC is my son David. He is taking a sabbatical from flying while the band goes on tour. But no worries! As I’ve written, my daughter Kaitlyn will be flying this summer after USMC Officer Candidate School and I got a call from my oldest son Leland/III last week. He has decided to Fly Navy. As a former Infantryman with the 10th Mountain, who spent 15 months in the Sunni Triangle, I suppose those con-trails over head looked inviting.

Looks like double lessons for the summer (one more son, Willy, to go). That put me in an even better mood! I cranked it up.

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