code name cover

FREE ADVANCED COPY is now available for Code Name Infamy on NetGalley for review. Reviewers, Bloggers, Book-sellers, Educators, Media Members and Librarians can register at and receive a galley copy of Code Name Infamy.  Code Name Infamy will be published on July 21 by Blank Slate Press of the Amphorae Publishing Group pre-orders can be made on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


A Nazi’s Nazi, SS Generalleutnant von Bassenheim has no intention of surrendering. And Lieutenant Commander Atsugi, an Imperial pilot with nothing left to live for, wants nothing less than total revenge. With Axis powers facing defeat, the two men set out on a suicide mission in a submarine aircraft carrier with two nuclear weapons on board and two Sieran fighters destined to drop their loads on American cities. In a cat-and-mouse game spanning the globe, one OSS officer and a team of naval aviators and ship commanders race against the clock to find and destroy the rogue submarine.
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