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Paris 1922, the lost generation gathered to forget WWI. Art, literature and freedom filled the air. Pablo Picasso, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Henri Matisse, Sinclair Lewis and cutting the widest swath through the City of Light, Ernest Hemingway.
Good and evil stalked the European Continent as the world began to position for the next war. In the midst of all this turmoil, Hemingway’s early work was stolen. Packed in a suitcase with the carbon copies, it was snatched from a train in Paris.
A sinister curse, unleashed by Hemingway, follows the suitcase as it passes through history striking down those who would possess it. Double-edged, it shadows him through three wars, four wives, even deepest Africa. Try as he might, he can’t outrun it.
All framed by the incredible life of Ernest Hemingway, the thrilling story has twists and turns that will keep the pages turning throughout the entire journey.

Earnest Hemingway changed American Literature and became the first “Rock Star” personality of the 20th Century. But he was much more than that as a man: A Combat Warrior, American Spy, World Class Fisherman and Hunter. His life, warts and all, seems like fiction. In fact, if you made a movie about it and didn’t attach his name, no one would believe it possible that one man accomplished all that he did. His writing was based on his life experience, he lived what he wrote! As a teen, I was an avid reader and classic movie fan, I watched all the movies based on his books. Later, I was captivated with his novels and continue to love his work. My challenge as an author was to tell his story with out it reading like a history book. After learning about his lost suitcase, I decided to bring Hemingway alive in fiction, with a Psychological Thriller that follows his suitcase and life through time.

I hope you like it.


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