Hemingway’s Suitcase soft cover edition available now

Hemingway’s Suitcase, soft cover book, CLICK HERE.

HEMINGWAY’S SUITCASE now available in soft cover (paper) book format, CLICK HERE.

Greetings from 38,000 feet. Don’t worry, I’m not in the cockpit. I’m currently in the cabin enjoying the ride home as a passenger. Technology is amazing, internet in an aircraft miles above the earth and traveling at 500 MPH. E-books, in your hand with the push of a button. Its truly amazing, but, I still love to hold and read a good old fashioned paper book. Soft or hard cover doesn’t matter to me, I like the feel of the pages.

My latest novel, Hemingway’s Suitcase is now available in soft cover. The e-book version is as well, CLICK HERE.

We’ve started our descent into St Louis, time to sign off.


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