Historical Fiction, or Thriller/Action Adventure?

code name cover

That was a question I had to ask myself last week. My publisher Kristina Blank Makansi of Blank Slate Press and I were discussing genre’ and categories to list my new book Code Name: Infamy. We discussed Historical Fiction, Thrillers and Action Adventure and which was best suited for my books. She contacted her daughter Amira, also an author, to get her opinion.

Amira has experience with bookbub and other marketing services and made a very important observation. She pointed out Historical Fiction tends to be about romance now and that my Aviator Series is more suited to Thrillers and Action Adventure.

I did a little research myself, she had a point, a very valid one. I searched around Amazon HF, most of the covers had a beautiful women or a bare chested guy that looked like Fabio. My covers didn’t exactly fit! While the Aviator Series still has history as a background and is fiction set inside of actual battles. I couldn’t argue her point. So, acting on the advise of my publisher and the younger generation, I’ve switched my genre’ and Amazon categories to Thriller and Action Adventure.


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