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Code Name: Infamy (Aviator Book 4)

Code Name: Infamy (Aviator Book 4) by Leland Shanle
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This WWII thriller novel opens much like a war movie might. A lone figure in the black leather uniform of a German SS officer walks through a dark forest. The title across the screen identifies the date and location: 28 January 1945, Kernphysik Command, Ohrdruf, Germany. Arriving at the gates of the barbed wire fence around the nuclear facility, the guards let the officer in immediately, for he is Generalleutnant von Bassenheim, Director of Germany’s Nuclear Weapons Program. He sits at his shiny steel desk, down in the seventh-floor-underground office, and opens a file. He stares at the intelligence report in disbelief. Operation Unternehmen (Battle of the Bulge) has failed. It’s only a matter of time before the Allied forces will overrun Germany. But von Bassenheim plans to make one last desperate attempt to save the Third Reich. In partnership with the Japanese, he has been developing a top secret weapon: a nuclear-armed submarine aircraft carrier that is almost ready for deployment to obliterate American cities. He code-names the mission Infamy. However, an American OSS team is out to search and destroy this mission.

Leland Shanle, a former Lieutenant Commander in the USN, has put his practical knowledge of ships, seaplanes, and submarines, and his first-hand battle experience in Iraq and elsewhere, to good use in penning this thriller. The operational aspects of both the German and Allied forces are described realistically. Although this is the fourth novel in a series, it can be read as a standalone, provided one doesn’t look for too much background information about the characters. Apart from the usual action-oriented battle scenes, there are many human elements in the novel. The characters show doubts about their mission, party, and fall in love. Recommended.

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