Killa-Thrill, Mega Whoosh, Software Malfunction and now…..the Country of Iran?

As my long time readers know, I have de-bunked aviation based internet scams for years. Killa-Thrill, Mega Whoosh, Software Malfunction; I even de-bunked myself via Stealth! The first was Killa Thrill’s “Best Air Show Pilot Ever!!!”; remember this?

But this is a first; I have never thrown the BS Flag on a Sovereign State. Not only is the new Iranian F-313 a fake; it is amateurish at best. Actually, laughable; even to the casual observer. Here is the footage from Iran:

I don’t know where to start:

1. First and foremost it is a 2/3’s scale mock up. Go to time hack 2:17 and look at the poor dupe trying to fit. The ejection seat headrest is halfway up his back, his knees are on either side of instrument panel instead of under it. Imagine closing the canopy.
2. No engine; after burner section gives it away- there isn’t one.
3. No wire bundle behind instrument panel. On closer examination (pause video at 5:47) the airspeed indicator is right out of my 1967 Beechcraft Musketeer! The color coded lines are in civilian general aviation aircraft ONLY. No armament panel, no ECM panel, basically no military instrumentation at all; except the standby gyro and an old g-meter out of any 50’s era jet. They look suspiciously like gauges out of my old trusty f-4 Phantom II (which the Iranians still fly).
4. The flight scenes? RC aircraft; at least we used a full size B-727 when we (Broken Wing) remotely controlled an aircraft for Discovery’s Plane Crash documentary. Rather than detail why the flying is bogus go here.
5. It is obviously made of wood and fiberglass, just like the mock-up we used in the filming of Stealth.

Go to the stealth link: see the top two pictures on the left/ they are of a wood and fiberglass mock-up used for the movie Stealth. Look close at the pilot; Jessica Biel. The picture on the catapult is the same prop; the steam adds a nice touch doesn’t it? At least we used a full scale fake. Here are PR pictures from the movie, look familiar?

Watching the press go high and right has been both amusing and pathetic. 24 hour news is so easily deceived; you would think they would at least ask a pilot about said “threat” before pushing the panic button.

I’m not picking on just Fox News, there are plenty of articles detailing the “threat” to our Navy as well. Humorous to say the least. So sit back and enjoy the show.


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