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I flew to Madrid last week, a beautiful city. We went to the old section of town for dinner and beverages. I even got to have a beverage in a Ham Museum, a first! I love Spain, you get the old world European charm at a reasonable cost. It is rich in culture and the food is great. Traveling around the world is one of the bene’s of being a pilot. As a bonus my fourth book, Code Name: Infamy, became available on Amazon for pre-order while I was there.

Unfortunately as any pilot can tell you travel is not with out cost, I missed my youngest Son’s birthday while I was in Madrid. Flying is a duality: good and bad, yin and yang. Not only for a military pilot in war, but airline pilots in peace as well. The very nature of it necessitates leaving home, whether on a ship or taking people to other continents. I try to capture this duality in my books, to share the adventure and hard ship of an aviation life.




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One comment on “Madrid
  1. Jon says:

    How true. The balance of family and work.I too love Spain and the smaller islands off of the coast in the Mediterranean. Great eats too.