#Mig Kill: F-4N Phantom II vs. Mig 21

These videos show a dated but good visual of a Viet Nam era Dog Fight. It is extremely hard to convey the physical aspect of air combat. An eight g fight is exhausting: imagine your 10 pound head weighing 80 pounds as you try and scan behind you as you close for the shot.

Once you come to the merge with the enemy, the g-force is not eased until the fight is over. If you stop turning you are toast. When I was flying F-4s as an Adversary out of NAS Point Mugu in the late 1990s; a friend asked one of my squadron mates and I to teach him basic air combat maneuvering. We flew in two Pitts Specials (S-1S/S-2B); it was a lot of fun. After we were done with lesson #1 I asked his impression. To keep things in perspective, our student was an aerobatic competitor. His comment;

“Wow, you never come off the g!”

If you stop turning, you are dying.

I try to put you, as the reader, in the cockpit in my books (Project 7 Alpha, Vengeance and soon End Game). I want you to feel the g, the heat, the cold, even the fear: I want you to experience a dog Fight. Let me know if I did.






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