Why I’m moving to e-publishing

This week I published my second novel; Vengeance at Midway and Guadalcanal, exclusively in electronic format. I did not even seek a traditional publisher after requesting a release from my last one.

Yesterday while reading the USA Today, I felt a bit more certain, of my decision to move away from traditional publishing and toward e-publishing. It is a big step, to move away from what has been the norm in publishing since the Gutenberg Bible, and toward a new technology. To be honest I would have preferred the partnership of an established house; however when my publisher refused to answer the mail (literally) on my request for e-publishing, I sought and received release.

While reading the paper yesterday there were two articles that made my decision less of a question. Borders went into chapter 11 Bankruptcy; however the more momentous event was chronicled on the USA Today’s best sellers list. An e-book, Alone by Lisa Gardner, was listed number two.

I think a titanic shift, like what happened in the music industry, is beginning to play out.

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