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Here is the new cover for my fourth novel, CODE NAME: INFAMY. It is showing as the cover for both ebook and soft cover on Amazon. However, the soft cover will continue to actually have the non-PC version below.

Code Name: Infamy is available for pre-order now.

Code Name: Infamy is available for pre-order now.

So, if seeing the historic symbol that dominated WW2 sends you fleeing for a safe zone or demanding a repeal of the First Amendment…you may want to wait until the first printing is shipped and the new cover goes on all copies. A tongue in cheek comment, I know that people who support the repeal of the First Amendment don’t read!

This has been an eye-opening experience. That said I hope you like the new cover.

Remember, all four ebooks (Project 7 Alpha, Vengeance, ENDGAME and Code Name: Infamy) are free every day for Amazon Prime members!


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