Pilots vs. Auto-pilots

A quick post from Cleveland. In my books, Project 7 Alpha and Vengeance, I try and show that it is the pilot or aviator not the machine that is paramount. Last night we flew into Cleveland after a long day. The weather was marginal, typical this time of year, so we flew the approach on auto-pilot.

Or should I say tried. It simply could not keep up with the hammering, gusty, winds. A young man asked if we used the auto-pilot all the way to the deck as he walked off the jet. When I told him we had to deselect it because it couldn’t hack it, his eyes grew large.

I suppose it is a typical reaction: most people just don’t understand what goes on behind the cockpit door. A testament to the professionalism of airline crews.

This professionalism is not with out cost. Quiet bluntly the cost now out ways the gain. Top notch people are turning away from the industry and have been for years. It is going to get interesting!

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