Project Seven Alpha on 3 Amazon Best Sellers List

Project Seven Alpha on 3 Amazon Best Sellers List
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My award winning (MWSA GOLD Award) novel: Project Seven Alpha is on 3 Amazon Best Sellers lists today. The BSLs only rank the top 100 in any genre’. P7A peaked at #27 (currently #36) on the Aviation World History list. My publisher in the United Kingdom has also made P7A available in soft cover with a new title: American Airlines Secret War in China, Project Seven Alpha WWII.

I was chatting with old friends about the romance of radial engines the other day on FB. There is just something about them, the quintessential aircraft engine. I learned to fly on the T-28B which had a big R-1820, 1425 super charged horse power!

I still love coaxing one to life with a cough, sputter and a sweet rumble.

Thanks to my readers, check six.


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