Looking Forward; a new way to publish

I’ve told you how I’m going to “spice” things up via mixed media; but how will I make books more affordable? Have you ever bought a book and a couple chapters in you just don’t like it? If it is a hardcover, $25.00 for a shelf ornament. If it is a paper back, into the donation bag it goes. I don’t mind paying for a book I like, but it is a bit of a gamble. No doubt that is why writers get a following; you know what you are getting. A safe investment, but the down side is….you know what you are getting. I like to have my horizons expanded, I like to be surprised. I like to put a book down and feel exhausted; to glance at the clock as it strikes 3:00AM with eyes wide open.

So what is the solution? I think I have it: buy a chapter, or two, or even three. Invest 25 cents, two-bits, to get a look inside. Not an excerpt from the best chapter; start at chapter one. If your interest is piqued, buy number two.

How will that work? I have teamed with a new company called Minno. Their new IT technology is going to make it possible for the reader to buy Vengeance a chapter at a time. Click on a button and for .25 cents you have a chapter of Vengeance. Want more? Click for more.

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