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Fiction: Thriller
Leland Shanle’s CODE NAME: Infamy, the ruthless SS Director of Nazi
Germany’s nuclear weapons program and an Imperial Japanese pilot who has
lost everything have commandeered one of Japan’s top-secret submarine
aircraft carriers and have two American cities in their crosshairs–can they
be stopped in time?, to Kristina Blank Makansi at Blank Slate Press, for
publication in July 2015.

Kristina Blank Makansi
Blank Slate Press / Amphorae Publishing Group


It’s official, I signed with Blank Slate Press and Amphorae Publishing Group for the publication of CODE NAME Infamy. It is set for a July release. I had been planning on a release sooner, but decided to team with Blank Slate and Amphorae so I could provide the best book possible and devote more of my time to writing in the future.

My first novel, Project Seven Alpha, was published traditionally by Pen and Sword Books LTD in London. I decided to strike out Independently for my second book, Vengeance at Midway and Guadalcanal. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that I spent far more time with the business side of publishing than writing. That quite simply, was unsatisfactory. However, I wanted to maintain control of my work. A balance was needed, I met Kristina Blank Makansi through Paul Brown, a mutual friend and Columnist for Ladue News. She helped me re-brand Vengeance and launch ENDGAME In The Pacific through Treehouse Author Services. I was very happy with the results and we began to work on CODE NAME Infamy.

A few weeks ago she broached the subject of going to the next level, and publishing traditionally through Blank Slate and her new partner Amphorae Publishing Group. We talked at length and then brought in Donna Essner of Amphorae. They both felt Infamy was an opportunity to widen my readership and wanted to help with the publishing process. I’m happy to say we reached an agreement that will allow me to write more, while still maintaining the story lines my readers have come to enjoy.

I look forward to working with this great team. But mostly I look forward to getting more books to my readers!



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