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  The Boeing 787 is an impressive machine. This airshow prep shows the performance of the aircraft, obviously light loaded. Still it looks fun! leland  

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The B-787 is a great design; maybe they need to put the designers back in charge instead of bean counters. Above is the last sentence of an article I wrote a few days ago about Boeing’s problems. After reading a …

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Is outsourcing the culprit? Little has been written about what is clearly the 787’s biggest program problem. Boeing embraced outsourcing to save time and money; neither happened. In fact it is safe to say the jeopardy that Boeing finds itself …

The real problem with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner? Read More »

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I snapped this picture in LAX just days before the Boeing 787 was grounded. While it has had more than one problem the critical one that grounded the fleet is its lithium batteries over heating. The biggest problem for Boeing …

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As a Contributing Editor at Airways Magazine one of the things I’ve contributed to is a new Facebook page. For those interested in the Airlines or Airliners, both new and old, check it out. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Airways-Magazine/146901202095633?ref=hl Chip

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