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F-16 Viper going vertical for St. Patties Day

Jet Pilot Climbs 15,000ft In 45 Seconds When your job is to test out jet fighters 🙌🙌via Caters News Agency Posted by UNILAD on Thursday, March 9, 2017 I’m Irish, let’s launch in the vertical for St Patties Day! Back

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Multi-Tasking and the Fighter Pilot

  I was watching one of the morning news shows today, a Professor of Psychology was talking about his new book (The Organized Mind ). While he was discussing it he made the following statement: The brain doesn’t multi-task, it

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FRIDAY FUN: Top Ten Jet Low Fly-bys

How about some Friday Fun? Here are some nice Low Fly-bys a friend sent me on FB; share worthy most definitely. Watch until the very last one; he almost tied the record for low flight! Then look at the grass,

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Israel F-16 shoots down drone

An Israeli Air Force F-16 has shot down a drone approaching it’s airspace. Is this the first case of a drone being shot down by a nations air force as it approached their air space? Not even close, the RAF

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