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The Government Accountability Office report on pilot work force, stated the biggest cause for the current shortage was low pay rates. As my article stated yesterday the approximate 24,000 dollar a year jobs are simply not drawing pilots. The numbers …

GAO Report on pilot shortage verifies it is tied to low wages Read More »

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I recently read an article lambasting a Wall Street Journal article by Ashely Rowe of Wanted Analytics. The data is so flawed, the conclusions are fantasy. The Wall Street Journal article written by Jack Nicas and Susan Carey was spot …

PILOT SHORTAGE: why you can NOT trust data in the press Read More »

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After reading an Editorial in Wednesdays Wall Street Journal (Bring in the Robots) I felt compelled to respond. In my books (Project 7 Alpha, Vengeance and soon End Game) I write about basic flying skills and then build on them …

My Response to Wall Street Journal Editorial on Cockpit Automation Read More »

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