TWA-800: 13,760 Feet-My Personal Hole in the Sky :TWA-800

As Aviators, when we hear or read about an accident we compartmentalize and coldly analyze it. We push it away emotionally and key on the technical, operational and procedural errors. It is a form of self preservation; because deep down, as pilots, we know that fate could deal us a losing hand at any time. We analyze mishaps to find a way out, to survive.

13,760 Feet-My Personal Hole in the Sky; is the personal story of one Airline Pilot’s world crashing down to earth with the aircraft. With his fiance’ aboard TWA-800 there was no way to push it away emotionally; with multiple rumors, conspiracies and theories there wasn’t even a way to technically explain it.

Author Mark Berry invites you into the post crash turmoil of a life set adrift, like the wreckage of the Boeing-747, that floated off the coast of Long Island that fateful night. Well written, it is the story from both sides of the tragedy. Mark was a Pilot with TWA at the time. Take the journey…but you better buckle your seat belt.


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