United Airlines to blame? (UAL 3411)

Ok, I admit it; I’ve been amused and perhaps have experienced a bit of schadenfreude. As one of my UAL buds pointed out last night, I was enjoying: The First Law of Naval Aviation Thermodynamics- “when the heat is on someone else…it’s off you!” The reality is, the airport police have to deal with idiots like the good Doctor everyday, in every airport in America. If you actually listen to the video you can hear passengers thanking them even after the “drag out”.

And the way the top management handled the PR? Well…there have been quite a few bankruptcies.

But I digress. Read the article below for a realistic view, and I’d point out the most pertinent part in our “it’s all about me” world. The crew was dead heading to work another flight. Which means if they didn’t go, an entire plane load of passengers would have been stranded.

PS: the other 3 passengers apparently got off with out a fight, AND I’d point out the good doctor has a very dubious past, with a long history of bad decisions. I suspect he saw a way to make a buck and that’s why he ran back on the jet.

I Know You’re Mad at United but… (Thoughts from a Pilot Wife About Flight 3411)

I’ve been getting a lot of feed back on FB…but over-booking is done every day, by every airline. Yea the heats on UAL, snicker, snicker; but it could be any airline.

The joys of modern air travel.


PS: Its going to get much worse as the pilot shortage becomes acute.

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