Vengeance + Project 7 Alpha; both on Amazon Aviation Best Seller List.

Things have finally started to return to normal after the furor created by Discovery’s Curiosity Series Documentary: Plane Crash. I did my last interview yesterday; it was with Eastern European press mostly. As a Cold War Veteran it was a moment of reflection, and to be honest amusement, at how much things have changed.

It seems like yesterday that I was chasing Soviet Tu-95 Bears around the Pacific from the deck of the USS Midway; by getting electronic hits in our trusty EA-6B Prowler. It was exciting times for a young man from Missouri. Strangely for me, it is now considered distant history. Just like the period of my novels.

Aviation has been and remains the backdrop of my life; it is nice to have two of my novels (Vengeance and Project 7 Alpha) on Amazon’s Aviation BSL!

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