Wall Street Journal Confirms Pilot Shortage

I first started writing articles on the pending pilot shortage over 5 and a half years ago. In fact I entitled one; “The Mother of All Pilot Shortages“, that was over three years ago. Now that it is a full blown, pending crisis; the mainstream media has noticed. A recent Wall Street Journal article goes deep into the numbers and causes; I can summarize the real causes in two simple sentences:

1. New pilot requirements and retirements far outnumber current and entry level pilots.
2. The job simply has not been worth the cost for the last 14 years.

That’s it in a nut shell; you can throw all the numbers and reasons you want at it. I have written many articles, right here, over the years. The bottom line is that the job is not worth the cost and hassle anymore. The best and brightest have moved on to jobs on Wall Street and else where. The crisis officially starts in December, that’s when the first mandatory age 65 retirements start. It will pick up speed exponentially.

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